Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[HamBrewers] RE: MC13135- VHF- RECEIVER -IC‏‏


Dear friends,
if you have any requriments let me know.

• Complete Dual Conversion FM Receiver – Antenna to Audio Output
• Input Frequency Range – 200 MHz
• Voltage Buffered RSSI with 70 dB of Usable Range
• Low Voltage Operation – 2.0 to 6.0 Vdc (2 Cell NiCad Supply)
• Low Current Drain – 3.5 mA Typ
• Low Impedance Audio Output < 25 W
• VHF Colpitts First LO for Crystal or VCO Operation
• Isolated Tuning Diode
• Buffered First LO Output to Drive CMOS PLL Synthesizer
1)MC13135P(DIP PACKAGE) -----------1Nos (Rs240)
2)MC13135P(DIP PACKAGE) -----------5Nos (Rs220) 
3)MC13135P(DIP PACKAGE) -----------10Nos (Rs200)
4)MC13135DW(SMD PACKAGE) -----------1Nos (Rs325)
5)MC13135DWSMD PACKAGE) -----------5Nos (Rs300) 
6)MC13135DW(SMD PACKAGE) -----------10Nos (Rs275) 
7)MC3372D (SMD PACKAGE) -----------1Nos (Rs200)
8)MC3372D (SMD PACKAGE) -----------5Nos (Rs175)
9)MC3372D (SMD PACKAGE) -----------10Nos (Rs150)
10)MC145170(DIP PACKAGE) -----------1Nos (Rs275)
11)MC145170(DIP PACKAGE) -----------5Nos (Rs250)
12MC145170(DIP PACKAGE) -----------10Nos (Rs225)
13)MC145170(SMD PACKAGE) -----------1Nos (Rs240)
14)MC145170(SMD PACKAGE) -----------5Nos (Rs220)
15)MC145170(SMD PACKAGE) -----------10Nos(Rs200)
SHIPPING CHARGE Duty, customs fees and taxes are INCLUDED.

price can be considered for more quantity.

Add Rs50/- for shipment in india.

[NOTE:Regarding any active & passive components for RF homebrewing pls contact me.(Transistors,IC,RF Connectors etc.) i can arrange for Delivery.]


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